Stress and Work: What to watch for as an employer

Approximately 25 per cent of workers report high levels of stress in the workplace. As an employer, it is important for you to recognize how an employee is managing stress in the workplace. Failure to recognize stress can reduce productivity and increase costs.

Evidence shows that disability due to job stress can be much longer than periods of disability for other work-related injuries or illnesses. Stress is also reported to be a major reason for turnover within an organization.

Stress can be tough to spot. Most of the time it can be asymptomatic, meaning there are no visible signs. Therefore, it helps to know your employees and create positive healthy relationships. Nonetheless, there are times where individuals will show signs and symptoms, including:

– Feelings of anxiety, irritable and/or depressed   – Muscle tightness/ headaches

– Loss of interest in work                                            – Social withdrawal

– Problems sleeping/fatigue                                       – Loss of sex drive

– Trouble with concentration                                      – Use of drugs and alcohol to cope

Next week’s blog will cover tips for an employer to decrease stress in the workplace.

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