Online Office Ergonomics Self-Adjustment Tool

An interactive step-by-step guide for employees to adjust their own workstation. This is an effective triage tool to determine prioritization of employees requiring ergonomic assessment.

Duration: 15 Minutes
Content: 1 Module
Difficulty: Basic
Price: $26.95

The Ergonomics Self-Adjustment Tool enables the user to adjust their own workstation through a step-by-step interactive process which also identifies whether there is a need for minor equipment, and/or follow-up action items. In the case where the issues may be outside the capability of the tool, or may represent more significant cost, a professional assessment will be recommended. For most with reasonably adjustable or well suited workstations, the self-adjustment will be sufficient. This proactive and educational tool promotes efficient use of resources and identifies potential issues before discomfort develops.

Self-adjustment Course

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