Principles of Industrial Ergonomics Course – Edmonton – November 2-3

industrial ergonomics for employeesLeveraging the latest technology to create a modern, interactive learning environment, this course runs from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., November 2nd and 3rd. Principles of Industrial Ergonomics is designed to address the diverse and evolving ergonomic challenges workers encounter in industrial environments. This course goes beyond learning what musculoskeletal injuries are and how to prevent them; to truly make a difference at your site, you need to have the tools to develop site-level teams and site-specific resources. Over two intense, yet interactive and fun days, graduates will have the tools they need to make meaningful changes in their place of work.

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After 16 hours of instruction, attendees will be well equipped to immediately implement what they’ve learned into their corporation’s health and safety initiatives. Additionally, Dr. Linda Miller will show participants how to make use of EWI Works’ free apps and resources, ensuring their knowledge and abilities stay up-to-date well into the future.
Testimonial: Great class! Linda was easy to follow, made you feel comfortable, & was very informative.

Taught by experienced ergonomist, University of Alberta associate professor, and EWI Works CEO Dr. Linda Miller, the Principles of Industrial Ergonomics course is one of our flagship offerings and provides everything you need to make your workplace safer, fully comfortable, and more productive. To register click “Buy Now” below.

Work in more of an office setting? Join us for Office Ergonomics Essentials this November in Edmonton or virtually!

For more information or to request different course dates and locations, contact EWI Works at info@ewiworks.com.

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