Remote ergonomics: providing safe workplaces for anyone, anywhere!

Are you a manager with staff working at different locations? Or do you have multiple staff working from home? A proper work station is critical for everyone, no matter where they work from, to prevent injury and increase productivity. Yet, access to high quality service providers can be prohibitively expensive for smaller remote sites.

There is a simple solution: remote ergonomic assessments (also known as telehealth ergonomics). So, just what is telehealth ergonomics? This type of assessment is performed by a certified ergonomist using a series of photos and real-time video conferencing.

The idea of having an assessment without requiring the ergonomist to be physically present sounds great, right? But, without proper tools to make the process smooth and easy, remote ergonomic assessments can be difficult to conduct. That’s why we have developed a user-friendly mobile application to make the remote ergonomic assessments as simple and effective as possible!

Inside EWI Work’s Remote Ergonomic Assessment app, or ErgoConnect, the user first completes a questionnaire that collects basic demographic information and discomfort concerns to help the assessor prepare for the assessment (similar to an in-person assessment). Next is the collection of key photos of the work station, using the app to indicate proper views and angles. After this, the user can propose convenient dates and times for the real-time video conference assessment. The final step is the submission of all the collected data directly to the ergonomist within the app!

Consider a remote ergonomic assessment for your workplace. They can be provided to all workers regardless of location and are just as effective as in-person assessments, while also being more time-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

More information on our apps can be found on our website here.

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