September 18, 2018
Five Reasons You Should See an Ergonomist

Do you ever feel uncomfortable at work? Is it a regular occurrence? If you do (and even if you don’t), you should see an ergonomist….

September 10, 2018
What is a good sleep, why do we need it, and what are the benefits?

We need sleep every day, but why is that? What does it mean to get a good sleep? Sleep is a state of relaxation, reduced…

September 5, 2018
How to Ergonomically Throw Your Computer out the Window

Ever have one of ‘those’ days?? I was meeting with a client yesterday who said “Hey Annie, how would I throw my computer out the…

August 13, 2018
Why I am working with WELL

Movement can tackle many factors contributing to onset of chronic illness. The evidence is clear: where we work has an enormous impact on our health…

August 6, 2018
Get Your Exercise in Hawaii… On a Virtual Run!

Virtual Runs: Get your exercise wherever you want with Yes.Fit. I don’t know about you, but I need a little extra motivation these days to…

June 6, 2018
LED Lighting Systems in Open Office Spaces Affect Job Performance

Open office spaces and LED lighting systems are both great. But, in combination, they can create excessive light levels, leading to health concerns and reduced…