home office safety hazard, worker tripping
September 7, 2020
Who’s Responsible for Home Office Safety?

When we all packed up our workspaces this March and headed into isolation, home office safety was the last thing on anyone’s mind. We tend…

child writes homeschooling on blackboard
September 1, 2020
Homeschooling Success: Advice from an Ergonomist Parent Making the Switch

Homeschooling is an option many families are looking at this year, particularly for health reasons. But, like working from home, homeschooling can be unsafe when…

Industrial workers discuss dynamic warmup
August 20, 2020
Dynamic Warmups in Industrial Worksites: Why You Need Them, How to do it

Dynamic warmups play a crucial role in industrial work settings, and the benefits aren’t just physical. In fact, limbering your muscles up carries a host…

Online MSI Program Company Culture
July 28, 2020
How MSI Programs Can Resurrect Your Company Culture in the Home Office Era

The need for MSI programs has never been more clear. Adjusting furniture isn’t the only way to protect employees – we need to revive company…

Woman in pain working at dining room table
May 26, 2020
When Working From Home Ends in Emergency

It all started as a normal Saturday after yet another week of working from home. But as the day went on, Marie* started noticing she…

Student on laptop watching teacher teaching from home
May 13, 2020
Why Working from Home is Harder for Teachers

Carmen’s* neck is on fire, her shoulders ache, and her wrists are starting to numb. Her daughter leans over the kitchen table – the workstation…