Andrew Seal

Director of Communications

What year did you join EWI Works?

How many years of experience do you have in your field?
5 years

What are your academic and professional credentials?
Master of Journalism
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology & German

Where were you born?
Edmonton, Alberta

What do you do in your spare time?
Mostly enjoy the outdoors – skiing in the winter, camping and mountain biking in the summer, and spikeball all year long. In the last few years, I’ve also picked up the keyboards, gotten into chess, and tried my hand at DJing.

About Andrew:
Andrew Seal is the Director of Communications at EWI Works International Inc., Western Canada’s leading ergonomics and wellness company. With more than 5 years of experience in journalism, writing, research, and media, Andrew, a wizard with words, manages the company’s online presence and content production. He’s based in Edmonton, but works virtually with our staff and clients across the country and the rest of the world. Andrew brings a global curiosity and insatiable appetite for knowledge to our team. You can find his published work in BBC, The Globe and Mail, HuffPost, CBC, The Tyee, and more.

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